Auspicing Guidelines

To ‘auspice’ means to provide support, sponsorship, patronage or guidance.


Wyndham Progress Association has the objective of being “a non-profit organisation, working for the benefit of the local community". The committee will consider auspicing informal groups or individuals that want to carry out activities which align with the above association objective.

Activities that can be auspiced by the Progress Association might include:

  • exhibitions, concerts, fairs, festivals, fundraisers and other one-off or continuing events,
  • start-up group incubation, pilot projects and trials, which are of benefit to the community,
  • local playgroups, study groups and youth projects,
  • sporting programs or competitions,
  • environmental, heritage or other community based projects

Some reasons that an informal group may wish to be auspiced by the Progress Association are to:

  • meet an eligibility requirement that a grant funding body may have, eg being incorporated,
  • obtain liability cover that may be required by facility owners eg Council requires $20m cover for hall use for a “profit making purpose” (by entry, selling food, etc) or that is ongoing (over 10 events/yr),
  • qualify for reduced “not-for-profit” hall hire rates, that are not available for informal groups,
  • provide financial accountability and authentication for all funds raised by the group,
  • have use of an “earmarked funds” account for holding funds (with statements like a bank provides),
  • make use of the association’s legal status to enter into any formal legal agreements for the group.


Auspiced events are said to be run “under the umbrella” of the Association and authorised auspiced groups (or ‘auspicees’) may book hall hire etc in the name of the Progress Association. Auspiced events need prior authorisation by the committee, but the association does not get involved in the running of these events.


The general requirements for Wyndham Progress Association auspicing include:

  • The activity being auspiced must be in line with Association’s objectives of being non-profit and of working for the benefit of the local community.
  • The auspicee needs to agree to abide by these auspicing requirements and to comply with any other applicable conditions, such as those contained in Council’s hall hire agreement.
  • At least one of the group members should become a member of the Association and be explicitly authorised by committee resolution to run the auspiced activity(s). The resolution should also make clear the type and scope of the auspiced activity(s), the proposed use of any funds raised, any reporting requirements and if any fees from auspicee raised funds will be charged to cover costs.
  • The auspicee should acknowledge (on any advertising material and at any public event), that the activity is being run under the auspices of the Wyndham Progress Association Inc.
  • The auspicee should conduct their activities in a responsible, considerate and legal manner.

The funds management requirements for Wyndham Progress Association auspicing are as follows:

  • Funds from grants or activities will be held in the association’s bank account for the auspicee.
  • All funds generated by auspiced activities must be lodged intact with the Treasurer a.s.a.p. A receipt will be issued and an internal “earmarked funds” account will be established for the auspicee.
  • The auspicee should provide copies of quotes, invoices, receipts, etc with each payment request, including for reimbursemenof out-of-pocket expenses (payments will be listed in “earmarked funds”).
  • An initial petty cash float may be paid out with a signed receipt but accounting and receipts, etc should accompany all top-up requests and any petty cash balance must be returned on winding-up.
  • Any expenditure of auspiced funds should stay within the “earmarked funds” budget allocation.

Please feel free to informally discuss your ideas on the Progress Association auspicing your activity with committee members. All parties will need to come to a clear understanding of the proposal details and the terms of a proposed auspicing resolution will need to be agreed upon. The committee needs to convene to officially pass the auspicing resolution and welcomes the opportunity to help facilitate community events!


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